NETS Prepaid Card FAQs


What is NETS Prepaid Card?

This is the most widely accepted prepaid card that allows you to make payments at all 130,000 NETS merchant points, and in all public buses and trains.

What are the benefits of NETS Prepaid Card?

With the NETS Prepaid Card, you can:

  1. Enjoy the widest ePayment acceptance at all retail points that carry the NETS logo acceptance mark, and in all public buses and trains.
  2. Top up your card conveniently via any mobile phone, anytime and anywhere! Link your credit/debit card to your NETS Prepaid Card for auto top-up.
  3. Manage expenses and prevent overspending. Monitor expenditure of dependents/FDWs. Raise spending limits real-time in the event of an emergency.
  4. Present the card as a gift to family members and friends. It is the most widely accepted retail and transit gift card in Singapore!
  5. Monitor your payments. Receive real-time notifications via the NETS App whenever your card is charged, so you always know what you have paid for and how much balance you have left.
How much does a NETS Prepaid Card cost?

The retail price of the card consists of a non-refundable card cost of $5, and a variable stored value amount that may vary from $0 to higher amounts. For example, a distributor may retail a $12 card consisting of a non-refundable card costing $5, and a stored value of $7. Please note that at Transitlink Ticket Offices, the card is retailing with $5 stored value as of 1 April 2022.

Where can I get the NETS Prepaid Card?

The card is available online and at several NETS official distributors. Please visit our website at for an updated list of our distribution points, partners and promotions.

What is my NETS Prepaid Card’s validity and refund period?

Your card has a validity period of five years. The validity date is indicated on the back of the card. You may seek a full refund up to 12 months after the validity period. Please use the NETS App to assist in the refund process. It takes up to seven business days for the refunds to be credited to your bank account. No refunds are allowed 12 months after the validity period.

To initiate a refund, refer to visual guide here:

What should I do if I have misplaced my NETS Prepaid Card, or if my card is stolen or damaged?

If you have misplaced your card, you may wish to temporarily lock your card using the NETS App to prevent unauthorized use. If you are able to retrieve your card, unlock your card using the NETS App to enable payments. Note that locking your card may not prevent the initial accidental or intentional use of the card in public transportation. A locked card will subsequently be blocked for Bus/MRT usage. Please refer to “My card is Bus/MRT Blocked! What should I do?” for troubleshooting.

If your card is damaged, stolen or compromised, please perform a card termination/refund on the NETS App to transfer the full card balance to your bank account. Do note that the process of card termination/refund is permanent and non-reversible.

NETS App & NETS Account

Should I register/link my NETS Prepaid Card?

We recommend you to download the NETS App, and to link your NETS Prepaid Card to your NETS Account. Linking the card provides many very useful features such as:

  1. Convenient top-ups, and the option to set up auto top-up so that you never run out of funds in the card.
  2. The option to set daily spending limits to ensure that you do not overspend.
  3. The option to view you card balance and transaction history, as well as download receipts.
  4. The ability to lock your card to prevent unauthorized use in case you have misplaced your card.
  5. The ability to seamlessly perform a full refund of the card balance to your bank account if your card has expired, or if you have permanently lost your card.

If you are gifting this card or visiting as a tourist, do not link card to your own device. Once a card is linked to NETS App, it is not transferable to another user.

What personal information must I provide to register a NETS Account?

Only your email address and mobile number are required to register your NETS Account, so that we are able to update you on important matters concerning your card, as well as on other NETS services that you may have subscribed to. We will validate your email address and mobile number during the registration process.

Should I protect my NETS Prepaid Card information?

Please do not share your card’s information (card number, security code or validity period) with others. Link your card to your NETS Account immediately in order to protect your card in the event of theft or misuse. Reveal your card details only to NETS for official purposes.

How many NETS Prepaid Cards can I link to my NETS Account. How much funds can I store in a Card?

You can have a maximum of 10 valid NETS Prepaid Cards linked to your account at any point in time. Note that the total aggregate balance of your NETS Prepaid Card, regardless of the number of cards that are linked to your NETS Account (inclusive of your vCashCard wallet if you have one), is not allowed to exceed $1,000. The cards that you have registered are non-transferable.

How do I receive notification of my transactions and card status?

Please create a NETS Account using the NETS App and link your card to your account. Ensure that you have granted NETS the necessary permissions to send you push notifications. In addition to push notifications, you will also receive SMS or emails on transaction notifications, and on important changes to your card status. To find out more about NETS App, click here. To download the NETS App now on your mobile device, click here.

Where can I view my transaction history?

Please create a NETS Account on NETS App and link your card to your account. The card’s transaction history for the past 6 months with a maximum of 100 transactions will be viewable in the app.

Why am I not allowed to link more NETS Prepaid Cards to my NETS Account?

You are allowed to link a maximum of 10 valid NETS Prepaid Cards to your NETS Account. The total balances of all your cards (including the vCashCard if you have one) must not exceed $1,000. The request to link your card will be rejected if the total balance of all your cards, including the new card that you are attempting to link, exceeds $1,000.

Can I unlink my NETS Prepaid Card from the NETS App?

Per the terms and conditions of NETS Prepaid Card, once you have registered or linked your card, you are not permitted to transfer (or unlink) the card. To terminate or to stop using the card and to obtain a refund, kindly refer to the answer to the question “What is my NETS Prepaid Card’s validity and refund period?”.

Why is my request for refund or termination rejected?

Refunds are not allowed for cards that have expired for more than 12 months.

If you have performed too many refunds within the same calendar year, the refund function will be disabled for your NETS Account in that calendar year. You will be able to initiate a successful refund in the following calendar year.

Are there other methods of refund besides using the NETS App?

Presently, the only method to perform a refund is via the NETS App.

Public Transport Travel

I do not see my card balance on the transit reader when paying for bus or train rides. How do I find out my card balance?

To view your card balance, please download the NETS App and link the card to your NETS Account. You can view your card balance, perform top-ups and view your transaction history after linking your card to the app.

How are public transport fares charged?

The fares that you incur in public transport are not deducted immediately. Instead, your total fare deduction is posted as a lump-sum of the entire day’s trip typically on the 4th day of the journey. You can see the lump-sum deduction displayed in the transaction history on NETS App. Hence, the card balance does not reflect the deduction immediately and will continue to show the same card balance until approximately the 4th day.

How do I see the details of the bus or MRT trips?

You will not be able to see the detailed trip information (i.e. start and end location of journey, time and duration of journey and individual trip fare) in the NETS App. Only a lump-sum of the entire day’s trip will be displayed in the App. Please note that the ability to see the trip details will be via TransitLink (TL) SimplyGo. To register for TL SimplyGo, click here. To find out more about TL SimplyGo, click here.

What is Minimum Purse Value (MPV) and why is there an MPV for my card?

The Minimum Purse Value (MPV) is the required minimum balance that your card must have before you board public buses and trains. The MPV is set at $3, which is the minimum amount required for a single transit fare.

Please be sure that your card has at least $3 (Minimum Purse Value) when taking public buses and trains. Otherwise, your card will be blocked from further use for public transport. To unblock the card for use in public transport, please top up the card above the Minimum Purse Value of $3 and tap your card on any transit gantry to initiate the unblocking. Do note that it will take 15 minutes for the unblocking to be complete. Please refer to the NETS App to obtain the status of your card.

My card is “Bus/MRT Blocked”! What should I do?

Please top up your card immediately with the NETS App to at least above the Minimum Purse Value of $3, then tap your card on the MRT fare gate/card reader on buses to initiate unblocking. Thereafter, you may need to wait 15 minutes for the unblock status of your card to be propagated throughout the public transport network. Please refer to the NETS App to obtain the status of your card.

Even though there is sufficient funds in my card, it continues to be blocked for bus and MRT rides. Why?

The blacklist for payments at transit is located in the public transit gantry system. In order to remove the “Bus/MRT Blocked” status of the card, the following two conditions are necessary:

  1. Maintain a minimum balance of $3 in the card.
  2. Card status refresh that can be done only in either one of the 2 following ways:
    1. Tap your card on any transit gantry to initiate card status refresh.
    2. Periodic refresh of the card status initiated only by the transit Authorities.
Why is there a $3.50 “Bus/MRT Reserved” charge on my NETS Prepaid Card?

When used on public transport, NETS will automatically reserve $3.50 of your card balance if your card has $15 or less in balance or stored value so to ensure you have sufficient funds in the card.

As long as your card balance has more than $15 when used for public transport, this $3.50 reserved charge will not apply. You will not incur any reserved amount for retail payments even if your card balance is less than $15.

Note: The reservation transaction of $3.50 may occasionally appear later.

Is the $3.50 “Bus/MRT Reserved” amount use to offset my bus or MRT trip fares?

No, NETS will hold the amount temporarily and release the full $3.50 reserved amount back to your card balance within 3 to 5 days.

How do I prevent my card from incurring this $3.50 reserved amount?

The key is to ensure your card has more than $15 in balance or stored value before making any bus or MRT trips. You can set up Auto Top-up with NETS App to top up your card automatically when the balance falls below $20, this way your card balance will always be more than $15.

How often will I incur this $3.50 reserved amount on my card?

Daily, as long as your card balance is $15 or less and if you intend to use it for public transport. When you take the first bus or MRT trip of the day, this will trigger the $3.50 Bus/MRT Reserved charge. You may even incur a second $3.50 reserved charge if your bus or MRT usage for the day exceeds $15.

We recommend all NETS Prepaid Card users to maintain a minimum card balance of more than $15 to prevent reserved amount charging when using card for public transport.


Where can I top up my NETS Prepaid Card?

For the ultimate convenience, opt in for Auto Top-up so that your card will top up automatically when it reaches a low balance of your choice ($10, $20 or $50 up to a maximum of $100).

Alternatively, top up on-the-go by saving your NETS Bank Card, credit/debit card details on NETS App.

For a one-off top-up without registration, you may top up the card anonymously on the NETS App or at

Physical top-ups are available at all 7-Eleven convenience stores island-wide. A top-up convenience fee may apply for every top-up transaction.

More top-up options will be available over time. Please visit our website at for the latest information on top-up locations and options.

What are the supported top-up methods in the NETS App?

Presently, only NETS bank cards, Visa/Mastercard/Amex credit and debit cards (both local and foreign issued cards) are supported as top-up funding sources. New methods and funding sources will be made available in due time. With the current supported cards, you can opt to top up in the following ways:

  1. Set your preferred card as a default top-up funding source on NETS App
  2. Enable/Disable Auto Top-up with credit or debit card on NETS App
  3. Perform a one-time, no registration top-up on NETS App or at

Please note that when adding a VISA/MasterCard/AMEX credit or debit card as your default funding source for top-up, a pre-authorization amount of $1.00 will be charged to verify the validity of your credit or debit card. The pre-authorized amount will be automatically released to you by your bank between 2 to 4 weeks.

How do I easily enable/disable Auto Top-up?

No additional registration or deregistration is required to enable or to disable Auto Top-up. After you have successfully linked a card, the option to enable or disable Auto top-up is available in the expanded view of your card per illustration below. Enabling, modifying and disabling of Auto Top-up is real time and does not require special approval.

Can I top up NETS Prepaid Card at Transitlink Ticket Offices, MRT stations or bus interchanges?

Presently, you cannot top up your card in any of these physical locations.

Top-up can be performed on the NETS App or via the link, and at 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Please visit our website at for the latest information on top-up locations and options.

How much can I top up and what are the charges for top-up?

You can top up any amount between $10 and $100 each time using your NETS Bank Card, credit/debit card. You can perform a maximum of 5 top-ups per account per day. For anonymous top-up, you can top up a maximum of 5 top-ups per NETS Prepaid card and per Credit/Debit card per day.

Top-up convenience fees are waived for the following funding sources:

  • NETS Bank Card
  • DBS/POSB issued VISA and MasterCard credit/debit cards
  • UOB issued VISA and MasterCard credit/debit cards

Top-up convenience fee of $0.50 per top-up is applicable for the following funding sources:

  • All other bank issued VISA and MasterCard credit/debit cards
  • AMEX credit/debit cards
Why did the auto top-up not trigger when there was insufficient funds to make a payment?

The Auto Top-up does not take place at the point-of-sale. Instead, it takes place after your last transaction when the card balance falls below the threshold ($10, $20 or $50) set by you.

Why is my top-up to NETS Prepaid Card declined?

Your top-up may have been declined because of the following reasons:

  • In order to prevent potential misuse, only 5 credit/debit card top-ups are permitted per card and per day. The maximum number of 5 top-ups is applicable to the individual credit/debit card and it is also applicable to the individual NETS Prepaid Card. Please top-up your card again the next day.
  • Your card is locked. Please unlock your card before topping up.
  • Your card’s status is suspended. Please contact NETS at for assistance.
  • Your card’s status is expired. Please perform a refund of your remaining card balance using the NETS App.
  • The attempted top-up exceeds the $1,000 limit set for each NETS Account. Please top up a smaller amount, or utilize your existing funds before attempting another top-up.


Do I need to tap or insert for my NETS Prepaid Card when making payments at acceptance points? Do I need to enter a PIN?

The NETS Prepaid Card is a dual interface card that supports both contact and contactless modes of payment. You can make payments either by tapping or inserting your card to the terminal. For your convenience and safety, we recommend that you use the contactless option. No PIN is required for making payments.

Where can the NETS Prepaid Card be accepted?

Being the most widely accepted stored value payment card in Singapore, the card can be accepted in all public buses and trains, as well as at all retail points that carry the NETS acceptance mark.

Can I use NETS Prepaid Card to make payments for car park and ERP expenses?

The NETS Prepaid Card is not accepted in your vehicle’s in-vehicle unit (IU), and therefore the card cannot be used for making payments for ERP. However, certain car parks accept NETS Contactless payments and carry the NETS acceptance mark per above. To make payments using NETS Prepaid Card in these car parks, motorists can tap the NETS Prepaid Card or NETS Contactless card on the payment reader upon exiting the car park.

I am presenting the NETS Prepaid Card as a gift. How should I prepare the card?

If you intend to present the card as a gift, we recommend that you do a one-time, no registration top-up on the card to your desired amount at before giving the card. Do not link the card to your account. This is so that the recipient of the card can link the card to his/her personal NETS account to continue to enjoy the benefits that the NETS App offers. If the recipient of the card is your dependent, and requires your repeated top-up and monitoring of spending, please add the card to your personal account so that you can continue to administer the usage of the card.

Why is my transaction declined?

There could be several reasons leading to a declined transaction. You can check your card and transaction status by using the NETS App.

The possible causes include:

  • Insufficient funds: Please check your card balance, or ensure that you turn on the auto top-up in the NETS App.
  • Wrong payment mode: Merchant or acceptance points have accidentally chosen the incorrect payment mode (i.e. NETS FlashPay/CashCard or other payment modes). Merchant should select NETS as the correct payment mode to allow payment using your card.
  • Daily limit exceeded: You have set a daily spending limit and the limit has exceeded. Turn off the daily limit, or set the limit to a higher amount in the NETS App.
  • Card is locked: You may have locked your card. Please unlock your card in the NETS App.
  • Card is blocked for public transport: Please refer to “My card is Bus/MRT Blocked! What should I do?” for troubleshooting.
  • Card is expired: Please perform a refund of your remaining card balance using the NETS App.
  • Card is terminated: If this is unexpected, please contact for assistance.
  • At certain merchants where payment is accepted not for goods or services i.e. charities, remittance, moneychanger and some bill payment services including AXS (Singapore Post SAM Machines to be confirmed).
  • Top-up to other widely accepted prepaid instrument is not allowed.
  • Card is damaged or chipped.  Please terminate and refund the damaged card via NETS App. Purchase a new card to continue usage.
  • Your card has reached the annual rolling spending limit of S$30,000.
What is the annual rolling spending limit to my NETS Prepaid Card?

You can spend up to S$30,000 on an annual rolling basis.

When will my annual spending limit be reset?

Your annual spending limit will be on an annual rolling basis and will be tracked starting from the day of your first retail/transit transaction.

Why is the payment terminal requesting for a PIN?

On certain older terminals, if the payment amount is above $100, the terminal may erroneously request for a PIN. To bypass this issue, simply insert your card (instead of tapping the card) into the terminal during the payment process.

What is the recommended top-up amount for NETS Prepaid Card?

We recommend your first top-up to be a minimum of $20 and subsequent top-ups to be $15. This will ensure smooth usage for both transit and retail.

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