Digital Receipt Management System FAQs


What is Digital Receipt Management System (DRMS)?

Digital Receipt Management System is a NETS terminal add-on service for subscribed merchants to capture, store and manage receipts digitally through a portal.

What are the charges applied for using the DRMS?

The DRMS is available to merchants at a monthly subscription of $6 per terminal, in addition to existing terminal subscription fees.

Is DRMS available for all NETS terminal?

DRMS is only available for selected terminal models. NETS will progressively roll out DRMS for all NETS terminal in phases.

How do I know if my NETS Terminal has DRMS?

Upon merchant’s application, NETS sales representative will assess the merchant’s terminal model and advise if the terminal model supports the DRMS.

Supported terminals as of Apr 2020:

  • Ingenico iSC250
  • Ingenico iWL280
  • Ingenico Tetra Desk 5000
  • Ingenico Tetra Move 5000
How do I sign up for DRMS?

Merchants can download the application form via NETS corporate website to sign up for DRMS.

Kindly note that each merchant will be entitled to up to 2 user accounts.

Where can I get more information?

Merchants may wish to contact NETS at:

NETS Customer Service Hotline: 6274 1212 (Operating Hours: 24-hour Monday – Sunday including Public Holidays)

Or log a ticket via

How do I terminate the DRMS subscription?

Merchants who wish to terminate the DRMS subscription must complete and submit the service deactivation form via mail or email. Termination will take about 7 working days before the requested date of termination.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Implementation

What is 2FA Implementation?

In alignment with MAS guidelines, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will be required for all logins into NETS’ Digital Receipts Management System (DRMS). 2FA uses 2 different authentication mechanisms which will provide an added layer of security to the user account and system.

When will the 2FA be effective?

The 2FA will be effective from 16 November 2020 onwards.

How does the 2FA work for DRMS?

For first-time validation

  1. Download the Google Authenticator app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile.
  2. Sign into DRMS using your login details.
  3. Scan the QR code displayed on the web page using your Google Authenticator app. This will generate a temporary code for you to input in order to complete the validation.

For subsequent logins

  1. Sign into DRMS using your login details as per normal.
  2. When prompted for OTP, open your Google Authenticator app and input the OTP generated to sign in.
What if I lose or change my mobile phone?

You will have to inform NETS to revoke the 2FA assigned to your login ID. Once you have a new mobile, you will then have to perform the first-time validation again.

What if my user account is not enabled with 2FA?

By default, all DRMS merchant user accounts are assigned 2FA. However, if your account is not, you will have to inform NETS to assign the 2FA to your login ID.

Once your account has been assigned 2FA, kindly perform the first-time validation for your account.

I am still unsure about how DRMS 2FA works. What should I do?

If you are still unsure about how DRMS 2FA works, please refer to our step-by-step user guide. If you have further questions, please contact NETS Customer Service Hotline at 6274 1212 or email your inquiry to

How It Works

How can I access my digital receipts?

Digital receipts can be access via Merchant Service Hub (MSH) Portal at It is available under “Reporting” → “Transactions”

How soon will I be able to view my digital receipts in the portal?

Merchants will be able to access their digital receipts via MSH portal almost simultaneously after every successful transaction.

How long are digital receipts stored in DRMS?

Digital receipts are available on MSH Portal for up to 12 months. Receipts after 12 months will not be available; merchants are encouraged to download the receipts for safekeeping if receipts are required after 12 months.


I am encountering login issues to access the portal or unable to retrieve digital receipts. What should I do?

Perform the following checks:

  • Check that your internet connection is available
  • Refresh your browser, log out and login to the portal again


If you have checked all the above but are still facing issues, please contact NETS Customer Service Hotline at 6274 1212 or email to with a description or screenshot of your issue for investigation and support.

What should I do if I forgot my login password?

Merchants can click on “Forgot Password?” on the login page. An email will be sent to the registered email address to create a new password to login.

What should I do if I encounter “Invalid Password” when creating a new password from the URL in the email?
  • The password rules will be highlighted in the email. The rules has to be followed strictly for security purposes.
  • If the token email has expired (after 24 hours), you can click the reset password in the same email and follow the instruction to reset the password. There will be a new email sent to you to create a new password.
  • If you still encounter any issues, please contact NETS Contact Centre at 6274 1212 for support.
I am unable to access my email to view the “reset password” email, is there any other way where I can retrieve my password?

Due to security concerns, password can only be retrieved via merchant’s registered email address only.

I clicked on the “reset password” link provided in the email, but it does not seem to be working?

Please note that:

  • The link is only valid for 24 hours.
  • It is for one-time usage, where upon a successful password reset, the link will be deemed invalid.


In the event of such issues, please try to do a reset password by the web portal “Forget password” link again.

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