NETS FlashPay

One card covers your travelling and shopping needs.


Pay in a flash!

NETS FlashPay is a multi-purpose stored value card that you can use for traveling on buses, the MRT and LRT, shopping at retail stores and paying for ERP and car park charges. It is simple to use and can be easily loaded on-the-go either through an app or with auto top-up functionality.

Why use NETS FlashPay?

All-in-one card which can be used for daily transport, motoring and retail needs

Simply top-up your NETS FlashPay card to start paying for your shopping, food, bus/ MRT rides, ERP and car park fees..

Complimentary protection against theft with FlashPay Shield

Get a free 12-month protection against losing your NETS FlashPay card and Vehicle Roadside Assistance Service in Malaysia with HL Assurance. T&Cs apply. Sign up for FlashPay Shield today.

Manage your funds on-the-go with FlashPay Reader App

View your transaction history and perform top-ups easily on the FlashPay Reader App, only available for Android devices.

Never run low on value with Auto Top-Up

No more worrying over insufficient card value and having to queue to top up your NETS FlashPay card. All it takes is a one-time sign-up to set up automatic top-ups on your NETS FlashPay card.

Sign up for Auto Top-Up

Register for Auto Top-Up online on the NETS ATU Registration Portal
  • Click here to register for Auto Top-Up (ATU) by Credit/Debit Card.
  • An activation code will be sent to you via SMS, and an email within 2 days upon successful registration.
  • Complete the activation process by bringing your NETS FlashPay Card and activation code to any TransitLink Ticket Office within 7 days.
  • If the Credit/Debit Card you registered for Auto Top-Up has been replaced, please update your new Credit/Debit Card’s expiry details here.
Register for Auto Top-Up on the NETS FlashPay Reader App
  • Download the NETS FlashPay Reader App from Google Play Store.
  • Place your NETS FlashPay card on the back of the phone with NFC turned on and launch the NETS FlashPay Mobile App.
  • Select ‘Top-Up Service’ on the home screen.
  • Select ‘Auto Top-Up Activation’.
  • Enter the 6-digit ATU activation code and select ‘Activate’.
Register for Auto Top-Up by GIRO

We are currently introducing a new payment platform that will provide greater value-added services to our users at even more accessible locations. During this transition period, the NETS FlashPay Auto Top-up Registration will not be available through GIRO.

RSVP (Retailer Stored Value Programme)

Enjoy exclusive deals with RSVP (Retailer Stored Value Programme) at participating merchants. Simply top up the RSVP wallet on your NETS FlashPay card, or purchase a merchant co-branded NETS FlashPay card pre-loaded with RSVP value to enjoy the relevant promotion at the participating merchant.

Unlike the stored value in NETS FlashPay cards which can be used for public transport and general retail purchases, the RSVP value is stored in a private wallet that can only be used at a specific merchant. It cannot be used for public transport and general retail purchases, or at other RSVP merchants.

The merchant is solely responsible for the sale, provision and/or delivery of the goods and services under the relevant merchant program. Please refer to the RSVP Terms and Conditions for more details.

Get a NETS FlashPay Card

Buy a NETS FlashPay Card conveniently from:
  • NETS Customer Service Centre
  • Online
  • TransitLink Ticket Offices at MRT stations and bus interchanges
  • SBS Transit & SMRT Passenger Service Counters
  • Hao Mart
  • Convenience Stores (7-Eleven, Cheers, Buzz Pods, FairPrice Xpress, Choices at all SPC Singapore Petrol Stations and Star Mart at Caltex Petrol Stations)
  • Shell Petrol Stations
  • Vicom
  • Travelex Moneychangers at Changi Airport
  • UOB Moneychangers at Changi Airport


Your debit/credit card may also come with a NETS FlashPay wallet, which you can activate and load. Look out for the NETS FlashPay logo at the back of your card.

For corporate or bulk purchases, please email us through the online enquiry form.

Where to Top Up

Top up at the following:
    • NETS Customer Service Centre
    • NETS Self Service Stations & NETS Top Up Machines
    • NETS FlashPay Reader App*
    • Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+)
    • General Ticketing Machines (GTMs)
    • TransitLink Ticket Office*
    • Local bank ATMs (DBS/POSB, OCBC and UOB)
    • Convenience Stores* (7-Eleven, Buzz Pods, Cheers, FairPrice Xpress)
    • Shell Petrol Stations


    *A service fee may be chargeable

Please find the Terms and Conditions governing the use of NETS FlashPay cards here.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there an expiry date for my NETS FlashPay Card?

Yes, the NETS FlashPay Card/Contactless CashCard is valid for use for 7 years from the date of card encoding.

How can I check the expiry date of my NETS FlashPay Card?

If you are using an Android phone, you may check the expiry date of your NETS FlashPay card on the NETS FlashPay Reader App.

You can also find the expiry date on your top-up receipt or statement print receipt from the NETS Self Service Station and Top-Up Machine.

You may check your card’s expiry date at:

  • NETS FlashPay Reader App (Android only)
  • NETS Self Service Stations
  • NETS Top-Up Machines
  • Add Value Machines Plus (AVM+)
  • General Ticketing Machines
  • Top-Up Machines
Where can I top up the NETS FlashPay Card?
  • NETS Customer Service Centre
  • NETS FlashPay Reader App*
  • NETS Self Service Stations
  • NETS Top Up Machines
  • Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+)
  • General Ticketing Machines (GTM)
  • Local bank ATMs (DBS/POSB, OCBC and UOB)
  • 7-Eleven stores
  • Buzz Pods
  • Cheers*
  • FairPrice Xpress*
  • TransitLink Ticket Office*


*A service fee may be chargeable.

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