NETS Prepaid Card

The stored value card for shopping, dining and traveling on public transport


The latest payment card for public transport travel and everyday spending

The NETS Prepaid Card is accepted at all NETS retails points and for public bus and train fares. Simply tap to pay with your card and be on your way.

Use NETS App to top up and manage transactions on-the-go, prevent overspending by setting daily limits and alerts, lock lost card and recover balances.

A modern alternative to cash, NETS Prepaid Card can be used for various purposes – from traveling to shopping, dining and managing dependants' allowances.

Need to spread some joy? Purchase a NETS Prepaid Card as a gift card for your loved ones, so that they can buy and enjoy what they truly want. It is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Make the most of your NETS Prepaid Card with NETS App

Download NETS App and link your NETS Prepaid Card to the app.

Perform top-up, set transaction limits, view card balance, transaction history and lock card to prevent unauthorized use right from the app.

No more time wasted queuing for physical top-ups.

NETS App is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of NETS Prepaid Card

A payment card for all

Everyone can own a NETS Prepaid Card as no credit approval or bank account is needed.

Manage your transactions on-the-go

View your card balance, transaction history and perform top-ups easily via the NETS App. No more time wasted queuing for physical top-ups.

Enjoy wide acceptance

With over 130,000 retail points island-wide, you can use your NETS Prepaid Card practically everywhere in Singapore*. Simply tap to pay at the cashier, as well as for your rides on buses, the MRT and LRT.

*At all NETS accepting stores and merchants

Safeguard funds from fraud and misuse

Misplace or lost your NETS Prepaid Card? Use the lock card function on NETS App to prevent fraud and misuse. Card balance from the lost card can also be refunded directly to your bank account easily.

Top up anytime, anywhere

Top up on-the-go, or opt in for Auto Top-up and never have to worry about insufficient card value. You can easily top up your card via the NETS App using NETS bank cards, credit or debit cards. Your preferred payment card can also be stored on-file to speed up the process. For a one-off top-up without registration, simply top up from NETS App (skip account registration) or at

Link multiple cards in one account

You can link up to ten (10) cards to a single NETS account in NETS App.
Start sharing the benefits and convenience of the NETS Prepaid Card with your family and friends today.

Keep track of your budget

Use NETS App to manage expenses by setting daily spending limits and spending alerts for your card, making this exceptionally useful for your dependents and domestic workers.

Using your card for public transport travel

1. Minimum card balance

For travels on buses, LRT and MRT, kindly ensure that you have at least $3 in card balance to avoid waiting 15 minutes for your card to be unblocked after top up. $3.50 will be reserved from your card balance if you have less than $15 in balance so as to ensure sufficient funds for public transport.

Notice: The previous $3 reserved amount has been changed to $3.50 since January 2023.

2. Card unblocking

Cards with less than $3 will be blocked from further use for public transport.

If you are unable to enter, top up your card immediately, then tap your card on the MRT fare gate/card reader on buses to initiate unblocking. Wait 15 minutes for card to be unblocked before the card can be used.

If you are unable to exit, approach the Passenger Service Centre at MRT stations for assistance.

3. View fare and card balance

Link the NETS Prepaid Card to NETS App to view your card balance, transaction history and receive notification alerts when the balance is low. Viewing of fare and card balance on the MRT fare gate/ card reader on buses is not available for NETS Prepaid Card.

4. Charges of public transport fares

Train and bus fares are not deducted immediately from the card balance. Instead, the daily total ride transactions will be reflected as a lump-sum amount a few days later on NETS App.

Available for purchase from these partners and locations

TransitLink Ticket Offices

Price: $10 ($5 non-refundable card cost and $5 stored value)

Buy a personalised NETS Prepaid Card online at Custom Cards

Price: $5 (with zero stored value)

Convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Cheers and Buzz

Price: $10 ($5 non-refundable card cost and $5 stored value)

Buy online from Lazada and Shopee

Where to top up?


Sign up for a NETS account and link the NETS Prepaid Card to the app. Opt in for Auto Top-up for the ultimate convenience.

If you are gifting this card or visiting as a tourist, do not link card to your own device. Once a card is linked to NETS App, it is not transferable to another user.

7-Eleven convenience stores

Top up with cash at over 400 stores island-wide. A top-up convenience fee may apply for every top-up transaction.

If you would like to make a one-off top up anonymously, please top up from

Top-ups are not available at NETS top-up machines and local ATMs.

NETS Prepaid Card vs NETS FlashPay Card: The main differences

Click here for quick comparison of NETS Prepaid Card and NETS FlashPay Card.

Commonly Asked Questions

Your card has a validity period of five years. The validity date is indicated on the back of the card. You may seek a full refund up to 12 months after the validity period. Please use the NETS App to assist in the refund process. It takes up to seven business days for the refunds to be credited to your bank account. No refunds are allowed 12 months after the validity period.

You can top up any amount between $10 and $100 each time using your credit/debit card. You can perform a maximum of 5 top-ups per card per day.


Top-up convenience fees are waived for the following funding sources:

  • DBS/POSB issued Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards
  • UOB issued Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards


Top-up convenience fee of $0.50 per top-up is applicable for the following funding sources:

  • All other bank issued Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards
  • Amex credit/debit cards

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