NETS Bank Card

Go digital and enjoy convenient payments with NETS


Paying is a breeze, when all you have to do is tap

Our next generation bank cards are now contactless-enabled. Zip through cashiers faster by tapping your NETS Bank Card on payment terminals, instead of fumbling for cash or waiting to sign off credit card sales receipts.

Benefits of Tap to Pay

Fast and seamless payments

Simply tap your NETS Bank Card to make payment at the cashier.

Enjoy added convenience

No PIN is required for transactions under S$100.

Pay securely

Contactless technology prevents the misuse of your banking and personal data.

How to pay with contactless NETS Bank Cards?

Look out for the NETS contactless icon on your bank card to start tapping for retail payments. No PIN is required for transactions below S$100*.


NETS contactless icon on the front side of bank cards:

NETS contactless icon on the reversed side of bank cards:

Note: To pay with NETS contactless, please select NETS when performing self-checkout or inform the cashier you wish to pay with NETS.


*All NETS contactless transaction via Maybank Platinum Debit Card will require PIN access regardless of purchase amount.

Commonly Asked Questions

Customers should reach out to their existing bank to request for contactless NETS Bank Card.

Every contactless card contains a highly sophisticated, highly secure chip. This chip performs a wide range of functions to maintain the card’s security, and is able to interact securely with a contactless terminal.

Consumers can use NETS contactless feature for purchases under SGD$100.00 per transaction. For amounts greater than that, the terminal will prompt for PIN.

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