Turn any NETS Credit or Debit card into a CashCard.

No more worries about not inserting your CashCard into the in-vehicle unit or having insufficient card value for ERP charges again!


As a virtual CashCard (which makes it cardless), vCashCard automatically pays for the ERP charges and tops up without you having to do it. What’s more, with plans to introduce vCashCard to be accepted at car parks, driving will truly be a breeze.

  • Free Registration - Getting the service is free, no strings attached.
  • Free Subscription - Enjoying this service thereafter is also free from monthly charges.
  • Free Top-up - Charging your top-ups to UOB Cards makes it more convenient. All locally issued cards accepted (Top-up fees applicable).
  • Payment at Car Parks (coming soon) - Use vCashCard to make payments at car parks.

Download the NETS vCashCard App from Apple Store or Google Play now!

Vehicle Roadside Assistance Service

Enjoy a 1-year complimentary vehicle roadside assistance service in Malaysia with HL Assurance. For the list of FAQs, click here.

Commonly Asked Questions

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vCashCard (Personal) is a service that enables customers to pay ERP charges using their Credit/Debit cards. 

The service is jointly provided by LTA and NETS and use of the vCashCard is subject to the Terms and Conditions Governing the Use of CashCard.

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Register for vCashCard online via the NETS website at Complete the online application form with your personal, vehicle and Credit/Debit Card details. 

NETS will send you an SMS and email notification within 3 working days to advise on the application status and the effective start date of your vCashCard service. 

Upon successful registration, the first top-up amount will be deducted from your account. 

Prior to the effective start date, please continue to use your CashCard or FlashPay (applicable for second generation IU) for ERP needs.

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