Interbank GIRO

Efficiently settle recurring bills or make payments with GIRO.

Whether it’s our mortgages, credit card bills or taxes, we all have regular payments to make. But there’s no reason for them to be a chore. With NETS’ Interbank GIRO services, you can set up automated payments to take care of all the hassle and save both time and effort.



Set up your GIRO transactions just once, and you’ll enjoy months of hassle-free payments.

Two Ways to Pay

Ad-Hoc – Make or receive one-time payments with GIRO.

Recurring Payments – GIRO lets you automatically make regular payments to a large network of banks and billing organisations.


Pay Bills
Pay Bills
It’s easy to set up GIRO payments for credit card bills, school fees, taxes, insurance premiums, utility bills and more.

How to Use Interbank GIRO

Pay Bills (Regular)

Simply sign up for Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) through your Billing Organisations!

Pay Bills (Ad-Hoc)

  1. Login to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking
  2. Select the Billing Organisation and enter the amount of your bill
  3. Verify the details and release funds


For more information on Interbank GIRO, click here.