Fast And Secure Transfers

Simply the FASTest way to make immediate transfers between banks.

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest and readily available way to transfer funds between different banks, then you’ve found it! The FAST service is offered by major banks in Singapore, and can be accessed online conveniently.



FAST transfers are instantaneous and available 24/7.


All you need to make FAST transfers is an Internet Banking account, and a computer or mobile device.


Almost anyone can receive and send payments via FAST with our extensive network of banks.


Pay Bills
Pay Bills
Save time and use FAST transfers to pay for insurance premiums, credit card bills, school fees and more.
Interbank Account-to-Account Transfers
Interbank Account-to-Account Transfers

Manage your bank accounts with instant FAST transfers between banks.

How to Use FAST

Send Money

  1. Login to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking
  2. Enter recipient’s account number and amount
  3. Verify the details and release funds


For more information on FAST, click here.