Cheque Clearing

Make payments to anyone with Cheques at almost any bank.

Whether you're making or receiving large-value payments in the form of cheques, NETS provides a secure, dedicated facility that processes cheques on behalf of all Singapore's major banks.



Get your funds on the next business day.


Control how your funds are released and enjoy a better cash flow.


Make payments to and receive payments from almost anyone through cheques.


Pay Bills
Pay Bills

You can use cheques to pay for your tuition fees, renovation, repair works and more.

Payments with Guarantees
Payments with Guarantees

For housing and vehicle purchases as well as loans, use cheques and enjoy a simple payment process.

How to Use Cheques

Deposit Cheques

  1. Write the following at the back of the cheque:
    • Account Number
    • Name
    • Contact Number
  2. Deposit the cheque in the bank of the written account number

Issue Cheques

  1. Write the following:
    • Date
    • Name of Recipient
    • Amount to be paid
  2. Verify and sign the cheque
  3. Pass the cheque to the recipient


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