NETS Archive

Quick, comprehensive data storage and retrieval

Organise and manage massive amounts of information for user-friendly access with NETS Archive – a multi-dimensional storage and retrieval system that supports cross-referencing to other related stored information based on business rules.


What is NETS Archive?

NETS Archive is designed to complement NETS Clear BeCTS by providing storage and retrieval capabilities. In addition to cheque images and data, our solution extends to archival management encompassing non-cheque information (images and data as applicable), including GIRO transactions, lockbox-related documents, authorised signatures and Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) forms.

Through the use of its multi-dimensional data organisation, NETS Archive structures information to facilitate the quick retrieval of specific information. Users can also retrieve broad-based information depending on query criteria, or define different types of information to be stored without changes to code. NETS Archive is web-based and flexible enough to run on virtually any operating environment.

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