Customer Service Charter

Our Commitment

NETS and its subsidiaries (hereinafter “NETS”) enables electronic payments for financial institutions, merchants and consumers. Our commitment is to provide a high standard of products and services for our customers. We constantly innovate to support our customers’ needs better.


We have a dedicated Customer Service Centre to provide assistance to our customers and partners on the usage of our products and services. Our customer service team has been given national recognition for their high standards of customer care.

In addition to carrying out formal customer satisfaction surveys, NETS encourages customers to provide us with feedback as this gives us an opportunity to better align our products and services to meet their requirements.


Our platforms are fast, trusted and secure. NETS prides itself on delivering reliable and quality service. Our robust infrastructure provides network availability at all times, with tested business recovery plans in place for all our products and services.


NETS ensures its business practices are carried out with sincerity and honesty across the board, whether amongst internal staff or with external customers and partners.