NETS Contactless for SimplyGo

Commuting with NETS Contactless ATM Card is a breeze.

Travel with peace of mind when you use your NETS Contactless ATM Card for MRT and bus rides

Save time from queuing to top-up your transit card
Just one card for your ATM, retail and transit needs
Save more when you tap to pay for your rides*

*In comparison with standard tickets for MRT and cash payment for bus rides.

Fares will be deducted directly from your bank account
Track your travel and fare history with a SimplyGo account

Register for an account at or through the TL SimplyGo mobile app.

How to tap to pay for your rides

Step 1

Take out your NETS Contactless ATM Card from your wallet to prevent card clash+.

Step 2

Simply tap to pay on the MRT fare gates or bus card readers.

Step 3

Proceed to board when the message “BANK CARD USAGE” is displayed^.

Step 4

Ensure you tap out using the same card when alighting.

+Tapping a wallet containing multiple payment cards results in “card clash” and multiple charges may be incurred.
^Fare/balance will not be displayed at the MRT fare gates and bus card readers.

Do you have a NETS Contactless ATM Card?

Look out for the NETS contactless icon on your ATM Card to start tapping for your rides.

  • The above ATM cards are accepted on SimplyGo
  • NETSPay is not accepted on SimplyGo
  • POSB Smart Buddy wearable is not recommended for use in SimplyGo. All transit usage will be priced at full adult fare and users may experience intermittent performance.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What type of NETS cards can be used for SimplyGo?

NETS Contactless ATM Cards with the EMV/Co Contactless Indicator can be used for SimplyGo.

The following NETS Contactless ATM Cards are accepted on SimplyGo.

How do I use NETS Contactless ATM Cards for transit?

Similar to tapping your current travel card on MRT fare gates and bus card readers, you just need to tap your NETS contactless ATM card at the point of boarding and alighting for buses, and when entering and exiting MRT stations.

How do I view my transaction history?

You may visit the My Statements page in your SimplyGo Account on the TransitLink SimplyGo Portal to view the travel transactions and charges made on your card(s).

Transaction information includes journey information, trip information, trip fare and payment posting history. This information can be downloaded into PDF statements.

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