Increase sales by giving customers more ways to pay.

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Making payments seamless for both you and your customers.

NETS offers both wired and wireless terminals to cater to your different business needs. In addition, our terminals can be used for loyalty programmes and prepaid services or integrate to your point of sale (POS) via Electronic Cash Register interface. All these can offer valuable operational efficiencies for your business.

Benefits of NETS POS

  • Boosts sales by attracting more customers and improving customer payment experience, by offering more ways to pay
  • Frees up counter-top space for the display of merchandise or promotional items
  • Increases efficiency and eases cash management
  • Reduces fraud with secured PIN-based payments
  • Able to view settlement and transaction reports online via NETS Merchant Connect

Pick a terminal which works best for your business

Requires a phone line or network cable and power connection.It will be ideal if you have a fixed counter space at a physical shop.
A lightweight handheld NETS terminal. It will be ideal if you are on the go and need to take a NETS terminal to your customers. The machine operates with mobile data network connection.

Apply now and discover how NETS can boost your business.

Please prepare the following:

For ACRA registered companies:
1) ACRA details
2) $200 cheque deposit (mail to NETS' office upon successful registration)
3) A DBS/OCBC/UOB bank account statement

For Non-ACRA registered companies:
1) NRIC details
2) NEA license 
3) A DBS/OCBC/UOB bank account statement

Please note: 

  • Online applications are only for new merchants applying for permanent wireless terminals.
  • To apply for a temporary terminal or to select a specific permanent terminal type, complete our application forms and submit them via our online enquiry form
  • Collection of terminal(s) will be at NETS office (Central Plaza) for all online applications.
  • For more information on pricing, please click here
  • If you do not have a corporate DBS/POSB/UOB bank account, please click here.

Commonly Asked Questions

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A 3-pin power-point and a direct telephone line without call waiting service are required to be ready before installation of the terminal(s).

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