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New NETS Fleet vCashCard To Make ERP Payments Easier For Commercial Vehicles

Virtual CashCard will ease the management of commercial fleets.

Singapore — NETS, Singapore’s leading payment solutions provider, today launched the Fleet vCashCard, its first virtual payment service which allows businesses that operate commercial fleets to pay for ERP charges using credit/debit cards or corporate bank accounts.

The first phase of this new service is aimed at private bus operators, logistics companies, courier and food delivery companies, among others.

For the first time, businesses and organisations will be able to do a one-time registration for all their commercial vehicles. Once registered, the drivers of these vehicles can drive through ERP gantries and payments will be automatically deducted via the Fleet vCashCard.

This service also enables managers to track and monitor their fleet operations better as they can download information from the vCashCard website about the location of their vehicles.

Mr Seow Chow Wei, Vice President of Business Services, NETS, said: “This new service will inject a tremendous amount of productivity in terms of time saved and paperwork. Today, NETS is using innovation and technology through the vCashCard to deliver these additional benefits to businesses.”

To use the new service, businesses and organisations need to register for their Fleet vCashCard online via the NETS website at They are expected to furnish relevant details, especially pertaining to the vehicle(s) and payment information.

For companies that register with their credit and debit cards, NETS will email the applicants within three working days on the application status and the effective start date of their vCashCard service. For those who prefer GIRO payments, they can apply for interbank GIRO on the vCashCard website by completing the GIRO form.

NETS is currently working with the authorities and technology partners to enable the Fleet vCashCard to pay for car park charges in the future.

Virtual CashCard will ease the management of commercial fleets.