NETS launches NETS Motoring Card

NETS launches NETS Motoring Card

NETS Motoring Card is the new CashCard for ERP and all carpark payments

Singapore, 22 March 2021 – Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) today launched the NETS Motoring Card, a stored value card for motorists to use for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and car park payments at all car parks in Singapore. Compliant with the Contactless e-Purse Application or CEPAS standard, the NETS Motoring Card aims to meet the needs of motorists now and in the future.

As with NETS’ CashCard, motorists[1] will just need to insert the NETS Motoring Card into their dual-mode IU for auto-deduction of payments for ERP and car park charges at full Electronic Parking System (EPS) car parks. For all non-full EPS carparks, motorists can use the NETS Motoring Card to make payments with a tap-and-hold motion at the exit readers.

Issued by NETS, the NETS Motoring Card makes entry and exit at every car park easy and seamless. It provides ultimate convenience being the only card in the market that motorists can use to pay at all car parks across Singapore. It costs $10 per card (inclusive of $5 stored value), and is now available at all petrol stations and convenience stores as well as the NETS Customer Service Centre. Motorists can top up the Motoring Card through the following methods:

  • NETS top-up machines at all car parks
  • Over the counter at convenience stores & petrol stations
  • NETS FlashPay Reader App

To mark the launch of the NETS Motoring Card, NETS has teamed up with partners such as HL Assurance. Motorists are eligible to receive a NETS Motoring Card worth $100 in stored value for every car insurance purchased from the insurer.

With the launch of the new NETS Motoring Card, NETS will be making some changes to the sales network of the NETS CashCard, which is used by motorists with the first-generation IUs. From 5 April 2021, all motorists with a first-generation IU who wish to purchase a CashCard can do so at petrol stations and the NETS Customer Service Centre:

351 Braddell Road #01-03
Singapore 579713

For more information on the NETS Motoring Card, please visit the NETS Motoring Card page

[1] Applies to all motorists except those using first-generation IUs. Motorists using first-generation IUs will not be able to use the NETS Motoring Card for ERP payments.