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Media Alert: NETS It With Your Mobile Phone

NETSPay available for use from 20 October 2017

Singapore, 19 October 2017 – NETS unveils the next generation of NETS payments with the launch of its mobile wallet, NETSPay.

Available for download from the Google Playstore and App store from tomorrow (20 Oct 2017), NETSPay enables NETS participating bank customers to digitize (store) their NETS ATM Bankcards onto their mobile phones for payments at all NETS terminals, doing away with the need to carry their physical ATM card.

Payment via NETSPay is an easy process:

All phones  NFC-enabled phone
1. Open the NETSPay app
2. Select “Scan Code”
3. Scan the NETS QR code to complete payment
1. Tap phone* on terminal
*NETSPay set as default payment app

Paying via NETSPay comes with the added advantage of not having to key in a PIN for transactions less than S$100.

DBS and POSB customers will be able to digitize their NETS ATM Bankcards on their mobile phones (Android Version 5 and above & iOS Version 9 and above) from 20 October 2017. Other participating banks will provide details to their customers as to when and how they can digitise their NETS cards on NETSPay.

NETSPay is part of the NETS 2.0 initiative, which entails building digital solutions on an open infrastructure platform to accept multiple payment options and wallets. The initiative is part of NETS’ drive to lead Singapore’s cashless efforts enabling the Republic to achieve its Smart Nation vision.

For more information on NETSPay including user guides and FAQs, please visit