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Media Alert: NETS Invites Creative And Media Agencies To Pitch

NETS, Singapore’s leading payment solutions provider, is inviting interested creative and media agencies to pitch for roles in strategic branding, social engagement, creative production, and media strategies and buying. This will be for a period of one financial year, with the option to extend for another.

The scope of work will be divided across the four independent agencies and includes brand strategy, social engagement and execution, creative design and production, as well as media planning, buying and implementation. All four agencies are expected to work with one another to deliver seamless communications campaigns for NETS.

Said NETS’ Head of Strategic Marketing & Communications, Shabirin Ariffin, “As NETS develops and promotes digital payment solutions for everyone in Singapore, we want to reflect a similarly digitally focused effort in our marketing activities. We look forward to partnering with agencies which are keen to work with us to drive the Smart Nation vision in Singapore.”

NETS will issue its RFI on 20 September 2017 and interested agencies are to send their submissions to by 2 October 2017. Selected agencies will be expected to present their respective proposals in late October. Further details on the RFI can be found in the annex including contact details for queries on the tender.

Format of Agency Engagement

With experience and a careful review of our business operations in a very fast paced digital payment landscape and realizing a very specific and targeted approach in the management of our business deliverables, NETS will be looking at a new format of agency engagement with the prospective value in spending for 2018 specified below:

Agency Role

Prospective Value

Strategic Brand Agency


Social Engagement Agency


Creative Production (BTL) Agency


Media Agency

Media booking value

We are looking for ideal agencies that have a proven track record in the local landscape with a strong understanding to drive consumer change behaviour efforts.

The appointment is for a period of one financial year (2018) with an option to extend for another year.

Scope of work

Strategic Brand Agency
The prospective agency would be one which specializes in strategizing brand efforts for NETS and its suite of products. This is a vital element as it sets a definition for the organization to gain competitive advantage in driving both brand value and business results. The role of the agency is to propose ideal branding strategies for the briefed KEY effort to derive a key brand message. This will then be applied to marketing campaigns to spread that message in collaboration with the other agencies on record.

Social Engagement Agency
The prospective agency would be tasked to ideate and execute social engagement ideas to help NETS achieve its objectives for the brand or product launch across the 4 social platforms available currently Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIN. Community management is key as well along with the ability to remain up to date with current market developments especially around our direct competitors. We are looking for agencies that are willing to think out of the box to elevate NETS and break through the social clutter. Agency will be expected to work seamlessly with our other agencies to deliver the campaign socially.

Creative Production (BTL) Agency
 The prospective agency would “churn” the creative requirements of NETS for implementation in multiple formats covering static and digital display, video, etc as needed in the marketing campaign. The agency will be tasked to conceptualize & develop key visual to be adapted to various formats for the specific campaign effort. Creative output will be primarily used for digital and social ad platforms, Below-the-line & OOH. A strong local clientele creative portfolio and competitive rate cards will be advantageous. 
Agency will be expected to work seamlessly with our other agencies to deliver the campaign deliverables.

Media Agency
The prospective agency would be tasked to provide media strategies, planning, buying and implementation for an integrated marketing communication with cost effectiveness and efficiency. NETS is looking towards a dominantly digital and social media approach with the occasional Out-of-Home and broadcast media use for certain key products. Agency is also expected to provide timely campaign analysis with recommendations to better the effort. Agency will be expected to work seamlessly with our other agencies to broadcast the campaign to the audience.


Your RFI submission will need to provide the following information:

  • General Introduction
  • Positive Financial Information (Past 3 years)
  • Agency Services
  • Agency Proposed Ratecard/ Remuneration Model for NETS
  • Full Singapore based client list
  • Portfolios (Financial related – if any & Others)
  • Any other relevant information

Submission in a pdf format only (no larger than 5MB) or via a download link to no later than 12pm on 2 October 2017.

Please indicate the agency role in your email header.

Overview of timeline



Submission deadline for RFI

2 October 2017

Pitch Brief for shortlisted agencies

12 October 2017

Agencies presentation

30 to 31 October 2017

Announcement of appointed agencies

15 November 2017


Any queries or clarifications on this pitch can be made (via email only) directly to the respective NETS Marketeer in charge: