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First Fully Cashless Foreign Workers’ Dormitory Opens

NETS partners with S11 Granuity Management Pte Ltd to introduce cashless payments to foreign worker community

Singapore — 14,000 foreign workers at the PPT Lodge 1B foreign worker dormitory are the first large group of migrant workers in Singapore to live in the first integrated live-and-play environment that is also fully cashless, thanks to a partnership between NETS and S11 Granuity Management Pte Ltd.

Opened in Feb 2015, the PPT Lodge 1B foreign worker dormitory has a tenure of 8 years and is touted as the first fully integrated dormitory for the construction industry. It reshapes the living environment of migrant workers by providing them with a tranquil home away from home where they do not need to leave the premises to purchase goods and services or enjoy entertainment options.

The dormitory is also the first fully FlashPay card-installed foreign worker dormitory in Singapore. Each foreign worker dormitory card is also a NETS FlashPay card that can be used to pay for purchases and also for entry access.

Says S11 Granuity Management Pte Ltd, “The tie-up with NETS complements our goal of promoting a self-sufficient community within the dormitory, where residents can conveniently pay for food, leisure and other needs. Thanks to the tie-up with NETS, we have received positive response from merchants in offering contactless payment options as it makes it easier for them to track payments, and reduces the cost of managing cash and employing manpower.”

The shops and services accepting the NETS FlashPay card at the self-sufficient dormitory include a supermarket, food court, beer garden, laundromat, barber, industrial training centre and clinic, apparel shop and three telco shops. Besides using the card for purchases at food outlets and shops within the dormitory, the NETS FlashPay card can also be used for shuttle bus services and at the two cinema screen halls with a seating capacity of 200 each due to open in July.

Said Mr Alvin Seck, Senior Vice President, Merchant Services, NETS, “The tie-up with S11 Granuity Management is another prong in our strategy to encourage cashless payments in Singapore. PPT Lodge 1B is an ideal environment to create a fully cashless ecosystem since it was designed from the start to being fully integrated and self-sufficient.

“The solution introduces the benefits of cashless payments to migrant workers and saves them the hassle of handling cash and loose change,” Mr Seck added.

Similar to the Octopus Card in Hong Kong, NETS FlashPay is more than a transit card. Consumers can use it for MRT/LRT, buses and taxis fares as well as for purchases at more than 87,000 acceptance points across retail outlets and self-service machines in Singapore. Consumers can also request for a bank card with the Flashpay function from DBS, Maybank, OCBC and UOB.

Last year, NETS installed NETS FlashPay terminals at Beo Crescent Market & Food Centre (Blk 38A, Beo Crescent) and Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre (Blk 448, Clementi Ave 3) and announced plans to wire another 10 to 20 food centres for contactless payments this year.

NETS partners with S11 Granuity Management Pte Ltd to introduce cashless payments to foreign worker community