What do I need to prepare before terminal installation?

A 3-pin power-point and a direct telephone line without call waiting service are required to be ready before installation of the terminal(s).

What are the charges assessed to merchants?

Please refer to our price guide for our charges. For further clarification, you can submit an online enquiry form.

Receipt Paper
Will NETS provide receipt paper rolls?

Yes, 3 rolls of receipt paper per terminal will be provided for free during the installation of the terminal(s). Subsequent receipt paper can be procured at your own cost via NETS authorised suppliers.

Where can merchants obtain the paper rolls for NETS terminals?

The paper rolls for NETS wired/wireless terminals are available from these authorised suppliers:

  • Legend Office Supplies: 67598520
  • SME Printing: 67582328
  • Toprint Computer Suppliers: 6477 6668 / 6477 6780
When will merchants receive the transaction amounts for the day?

All transaction amounts will be credited to the merchant’s designated bank account on the next working day.

Will training be provided on how to use the terminal?

Yes, training will be conducted at the point of delivery/collection. Should you require additional training, please submit your request to

If I am facing problems with printing or terminal connectivity, what should I do?

Please refer to the NETS Terminal Self –Help Guide

Wireless Terminals
What is the difference between a wireless terminal and a traditional wired terminal?

Unlike traditional wired terminals using telephone lines or LAN points to function, wireless terminals use mobile data connectivity or WiFi. As such, our wireless terminals can be deployed to virtually any location where there is wireless network coverage, enabling acceptance of payment transactions on the go.

Will NETS apply for the mobile data service on the company's behalf?

Yes, NETS will apply for the mobile data service on your company’s behalf.

Can merchants use their consumer GSM or GPRS SIM cards?

No, consumer mobile data SIM cards cannot be used in any NETS wireless terminals. NETS wireless terminals can only work with NETS-supplied SIM cards. As security and quality of service is a priority for our wireless terminals, NETS has worked with the telecommunications companies to ensure this.

How do merchants pay the monthly fees to the telco companies?

NETS will provide a single-invoice billing for the convenience of our merchants.

Do wireless terminals require a 3-pin power plug?

NETS wireless terminals are meant to be fully portable when charged. Depending on the merchant’s business requirements, there are different terminal models available. The battery of the terminal functions similarly to a mobile phone, with X hours of standby time and Y hours of usage time. If full portability is not required, a 3-­pin power plug can be plugged in to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

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