Analyst, Security Assurance
  • Department: Information Security
  • Employment type: Full-Time
  • Job Type: Permanent
Position Summary

The incumbent is required to go through a volume of security data extracted from various tools and perform effective analysis to identify anomalies. In addition, the incumbent will also be involved with the audit and regulatory process.

Key Responsibilities

  • Extract, track and analyse security data.
  • Deliver KPI, KRI and SLA reports.
  • Establish data repository to properly collect and store audit evidences.
  • Responsible for handling all audit evidence.
  • Responsible for handling all regulatory evidence.
  • Establish proper risk and audit culture within the company.
  • Deliver the audit and regulatory handling framework.


  • Minimum Diploma/ Degree in Statistics or equivalent
  • Comfortable with numbers and able to handle large volume of data on a day-to-day basis
  • Flexible and responsive with changes
  • Have a can-do attitude and possess a positive mind-set

Working Locator

298 Tiong Bahru Road Central Plaza (S) 168730 5 days work week