SGQR Stickers

Enjoy the convenience of digital payments with SGQR

SGQR, the smarter way to be paid

What is SGQR?

  • SGQR is an initiative by MAS & IMDA which consolidates payment schemes of your choice into a single sticker
  • By signing up for SGQR with NETS, you can immediately tap into a large base of mobile banking users

Why use SGQR?

  • Grow your business. Attract customers who may not have sufficient cash. Tap on a large base of NETS users.
  • It’s quick & easy to use. You no longer need to wait for customers to enter their PIN. Your customers simply access the QR scanner within the payment app of their choice, scan the QR sticker, enter the payment amount and the payment is complete.
  • Reduce your operational costs by going cashless. Save on trips to the bank and minimise coin handling costs. You can also capture transaction amounts accurately, reducing reconciliation errors and theft.

How It Works


Once you are able to accept payments via the SGQR sticker, you can download the NETSBiz App to receive notifications of successful transactions via your mobile phone. The app also allows you to view your daily sales totals and transaction history in real-time and generate your own QR code for payments.

Generate your own NETS QR
Generate your own NETS QR
  • Generate a NETS QR code on your phones via the NETSBiz App
  • Perfect for businesses on the go
    • Deliveries
    • Pop-up stores / mobile kiosks / events
    • Restaurants or bars, giving staff the ability to bring phones over to customer’s tables for payment
    • Personal services merchants (e.g. handymen, personal trainers)
Manage Transactions
Manage Transactions
  • Allows you to receive voice notifications, so you can collect payment without disrupting order fulfilment
  • Able to view transaction history in real-time and easily track sales on the go
Manage Multiple Outlets
Manage Multiple Outlets
  • Provides a consolidated view across outlets
  • Allows renaming of your Terminal IDs for easy reference
Manage Users
Manage Users
  • Add and manage users
  • Assign up to three levels of user rights
  • Restrict view to selected terminals

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Commonly Asked Questions

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The Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR) is an industry initiative co-led by MAS and IMDA to streamline QR payments into a single SGQR label for consumer payments. As a merchant, this means you will only need to display one QR Label – the SGQR – which consolidates the payment schemes of your choice.

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You can either verify payment by viewing the confirmation message on the customer’s phone or by viewing the notification on your NETSBiz App.

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It allows businesses to receive notifications when a consumer-initiated payment is made via NETS QR Stickers. It also allows you to view your daily sales totals, and transaction history in real-time.

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