Accept payments on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

The mobile payment solution that allows you to transform your smartphone into a payment device.

Grow your business with NETS mPOS

No longer miss out on sales from customers who may not have cash on hand
Complement your traditional terminals with NETS mPOS to reduce queues and increase efficiency
With access to transaction data in real-time, track your sales on-the-go and implement pro-active marketing strategies

Powering businesses of all sizes and industries

Without the constraints of a full payment terminal, businesses can now enjoy the flexibility of accepting cashless payments on-the-go. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from NETS mPOS, including:

Service Providers

E.g. Deliveries / locksmiths / personal trainers

Pop-up stores / mobile kiosks / events
Larger businesses can complement their traditional terminals with NETS mPOS, to better manage queues and offer superior customer experience by bringing terminals to customers

E.g. Restaurants / department stores / apparel chains / bars

How does it work?

You will receive a NETS mPOS card reader, which you can connect to your mobile phone to start accepting payments.


1. Download and set up the NETS mPOS App

Download the NETS mPOS app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


2. Pair your devices

Pair your mobile device to the card reader via the Bluetooth settings in your mobile device.


3. Start accepting payments

With your NETS mPOS app: Initiate the transaction and enter payment amount.


With the card reader: Insert the card, and your customer enters their PIN.


Upon successful payment: Approval message displays within the app, and you can initiate an e-receipt to be sent to the customer’s email address

Manage your business on-the-go

The NETS mPOS solution also includes a merchant web portal, which offers the ability to:

1. View transaction data in real-time
  • Better track your sales information
  • Leverage data for marketing insights, and push promotions/incentives
  • Download data for further analysis


2. Manage readers


3. Add users


Apply now and discover how NETS can boost your business.

To apply, complete our application form and submit them via our online enquiry form.

Commonly Asked Questions

+ -
  • iOS Devices: iPhones, iPads, iPods
  • Android Devices: Most Android devices running on OS 4.1 and above
+ -

It currently supports NETS Chip and PIN transactions. Visa and MasterCard will be supported in the future.

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The mobile card reader is tamper-proof and is designed to shut down if someone tries to manipulate the device. It also uses encryption methods which adhere to the financial industry standards and is PCI Compliant.

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