NETS Fleet Motoring Card

The only fleet card for ERP & car park payments


Sign up for the all new NETS Fleet Motoring Card and enjoy the ease and convenience of managing ERP and car park payments for your company’s fleet vehicles. The card is compatible not just with the current dual-mode in-vehicle unit (IU), but also the future on-board unit (OBU) which will be introduced soon for the next generation ERP system.

New to the NETS Fleet Motoring Card is the expiry date on the back of the card which allows you to track its validity.

For company fleet managers and drivers, there are 4 ways of topping up the NETS Fleet Motoring Card:

  1. Download NETS App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and top up using credit / debit cards, or
  2. Top up from local bank ATMs (DBS/POSB, OCBC or UOB) using ATM / debit cards, or
  3. Top up from NETS top-up machines at all car parks using ATM cards, or
  4. Apply and install a NETS terminal in your company office for ease of top-up

For further information, please email to or call our NETS Hotline 6274 1212.

Paying with NETS Fleet Motoring Card

ERP & Full EPS Car Parks

  • Insert card into the IU or future OBU for auto deduction.


Exit Readers at all Car Parks

  • Wait for auto deduction to occur at the car park gantry.
  • If auto deduction fails, tap and hold on the card reader at the gantry. (Note that the car park processing system needs approximately 4 seconds to process the payment).

Benefits of NETS Fleet Motoring Card

Enjoy convenient top-ups

Top up your NETS Fleet Motoring Card easily at various top-up machines and ATMs across Singapore or via the NETS App via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also sign up for the Auto Top-Up service and never worry about the hassle of manual top-ups or insufficient funds again! Terms and conditions apply.

Get rewarded with WINK+ points

Simply download and register your 16-digit NETS Fleet Motoring Card CAN ID on the WINK+ app to start earning WINK+ points.

Wink+ points can be converted to e-vouchers for spending at participating retailers. Terms and conditions apply.

Receive monthly report

You may choose to receive the monthly transactions made by your company’s fleet motoring cards every month. This will help you to manage your company’s transport expenses and to give you an overview of your drivers’ spending.

Sign up for Auto Top-Up/ Update your Auto Top-up Details

Register and Activate Auto Top-Up on the NETS App
  1. Download the NETS App via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Select ‘Auto Top-Up’ on the home screen followed by ‘Register Auto Top-Up’, and complete registration
  3. An activation code will be sent to you via SMS, and an email within 2 days upon successful registration
  4. Select ‘Auto Top-Up’ on the home screen followed by ‘Activate Auto Top-Up’
  5. Enter the 6-digit ATU activation code and select ‘Activate’


Apply for NETS Fleet Motoring Card today

Download the NETS Fleet Motoring Card application form now.


If you have a first generation IU, you can continue to use the NETS CashCard. You can switch over to the NETS Fleet Motoring Card for the next generation ERP system.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who can use the NETS Fleet Motoring Card?

Organisations with fleet operations can use the NETS Fleet Motoring Card for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and Electronic Parking System (EPS)-enabled car park payments.

If your fleet is still equipped with the first generation in-vehicle unit (IU), you can continue using the NETS CashCard and only switch over to the NETS Fleet Motoring Card when you have upgraded to the next generation ERP system.

What are the benefits of using the NETS Fleet Motoring Card?

Fleet operators are able to monitor their drivers’ card usage, thereby reducing workload to process paper claims of ERP and car park payments.

How much is the NETS Fleet Motoring Card and how long is the card validity?

Retailing at $5 per card with no stored value, the NETS Fleet Motoring Card as with standard CEPAS 2 cards has a validity period of 7 years from the date of issue.

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