Lockbox Services

Receive payments while reducing operating costs.

Speed up your collections process by making use of our Lockbox Services. NETS provides a comprehensive selection of secure lockbox sites and electronic solutions to give your business a faster, more flexible way to manage account receivables.

A full-service suite for complete efficiency, accuracy and reduced costs

  • Optimise manpower and productivity by diverting resources towards core activities
  • Enhance cashflow with direct payment transmission to the clearing house
  • Tighten internal controls against theft, fraud and human error
  • Improve business foresight with automated reports
  • Save time, reduce administrative costs and improve customer service levels


Swift Operations 

Slow manual processes are a thing of the past. NETS’ Lockbox Services makes use of advanced technology to automatically collect, sort and transmit payments to the clearing house based on your company’s unique business rules, increasing operational efficiency.

High Volume, Any Value

The Lockbox Services can easily handle high volume retail payments as well as high value wholesale payments. Retail payments can include credit card, insurance premiums and utilities, while wholesale transactions can cover non-standardised business-to-business payments.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Give us a call at (65)64246000 or send us an email at info@bcsis.com with your business specifications for lockbox processing, retail or wholesale. Download the requirements checklist and attach it to your email enquiries. Our product/service specialist will contact you and set up a schedule to iron out the details of your requirements.

Alternatively, you could fill in the attached form and email it to info@bcsis.com

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We offer both Retail and Wholesale Lockbox processing that supports: 

(i) Various Payment Types

- Stub-less

- Single Stub

- Multiple Stubs


- Corporate Summary 

(ii) Various types of Payment Apportionments

- One to one

- One to many

- Many to one

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- Capability to perform end-to-end processing with various modes of payments i.e. cheques, credit card and credit notes.

 - High availability with dual secured and regulated processing centres. 

 - Dependable quality and a consistently high level of service.

 - Integration of electronic and paper into a single data file to simplify posting and reconciliation. 

 - Reduced costs and saved time with one bank relationship and reconciling one set of charges.

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