Document Digitisation Services

Search and access your documents immediately.

NETS Document Digitisation Services provides you with a faster, better way to consolidate and manage your business records. By embracing a more streamlined and efficient workflow, you can stay competitive and better meet the needs of your customers in today’s fast-changing business landscape.

Streamlining business paperwork

  • Transform a high volume of documents to any digital format
  • Enhance your workforce mobility with quick and secure access to valuable data from any location
  • Save time without having to depend on others to retrieve physical archived files
  • Minimize manual document handling, and reduce human error


Efficient Document Retrieval

Our high-tech systems let you scan, tag, index and store your physical documents online. Now, multiple users can quickly and securely access the information they need – wherever they are, and whenever they want it.

Fast, Safe and Secure

Digitisation reduces human errors from misplaced paperwork while also providing maximum security for your documents through image encryption. In compliance with the Evidence Act, all documents are converted in a secured and dedicated facility specially for document imaging and processing.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Give us a call at (65)64246000 or send us an email at with your business specifications for document digitisation.

Our product/service specialist will contact you and set up a schedule to iron out the details of your requirements.

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Our solution, processes and environment are Evidence Act certified and regulated. We offer Structured, Semi-structured and Unstructured forms processing, with Intelligent Character Recognition and other automations, including polling options. Our offerings include Backlog Scanning and Processing. Examples of documents that we have digitised are Loans, Securities, GIRO Forms, etc.

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We perform scanning, data capture, indexing, storage as well as online enquiries.

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