Cheque Processing Services

NETS operates a secure cheque clearing facility.

At NETS, we aim to cover the cashless payment process and experience at every stage. One way is through our secure, dedicated dual-hub facility that works to process and clear cheques for Singapore’s major banks.

Operating under the Singapore Cheque Truncation System (CTS) environment, its processing services model caters to all the four clearing legs with the Singapore Automated Clearing House (SACH). It also supports distributed capturing or centralized processing, letting us cater to the specific needs of each bank.


  • Save on time and money
  • Ensure high security and control
  • Operate in a regulated environment
  • High availability of processing

Commonly Asked Questions

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Give us a call at (65)64246000 or send us an email at with your business specifications for cheque processing and clearing. Download the requirements checklist and attach it to your email enquiries.

Our product/service specialist will contact you and set up a schedule to iron out the details of your requirements.

Alternatively, you could fill in the attached form and email it to 

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We offer diversified processing models for SGD and USD cheque clearing:-

- Centralized Capture and Processing

- Distributed Capture-Centralized Processing

- Hybrid

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- 4 legs processing and clearing (Outward, Inward, Outward Return and Inward Return). 

- High availability with dual secured and regulated processing centres. 

- Dependable quality and a consistent high level of service.

- Provision of posting file for ease of crediting/debiting and report(s) to simplify reconciliation. 

 For more information on this service, click here.

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