Conveniently make and receive business payments with PayNow

Businesses can now receive or make payments using PayNow



Make and receive payments easily via PayNow using UEN.


Pay and get paid instantly.


PayNow is built on the same high security standards as FAST, making transfers not only convenient but safe.


Business Payments

Make and receive payments for operating expenses, bills, expedited payments and more.

Retail Payments

Collect online or offline payments for fees, premiums and many other payments.

How to Use PayNow

Receive Money
Register your corporate bank account number with your bank to start receiving funds through PayNow now!

Send Money

  1. Login to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking
  2. Enter recipient’s account number / mobile number / Singapore NRIC / FIN or UEN
  3. Verify the recipient’s name and release funds

For more information on PayNow, click here.